Monday, March 16, 2009

Metalcore (New Wave of American Heavy Metal)

What music which is in enthusing this time? If first, year 1980 till 1990, this question very easy to answered. Have there a period to rampant metal music him. Moment metal heroes picture decorate adolescent at chamber walls in world.

There is also a period of him where everybody use shirt of flannel shoe and of boots, hair let length. Also there is also its where many people comb its rearward hair natty, let one or two piece of hair fall to close eyes, like its style Tommy Page took a fancy to woman’s, but that first, other now its story
To determine music which again hype rather difficult because all music genre rapidly grow. But there one genre drawing attention, its name " metalcore" a new genre which have time to be known as New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

This matter do not get out of metal music evolution, metal music again round into one form though do not too new, but giving fresh wind to all music lover, for the class of 2000, metalcore genre which is often discussed everywhere. Songs which have nuance of hardcore punk mixed with consecutive metal riffs, which it is of course characteristic with rallying call which scream and is sensitive of ear. Alliance heavy metal and punk hardcore that's real metalcore.

Feather in one's cap of world metalcore play stream most felt to start year 2000-an. Moment that's one by one band of metalcore start its famous. Thousands of metal lover start to accept existence of the genre starting writhe in the middle of the 1990 .

Something else withdrawing from metalcore is as for ideology. Linking metalcore leave from movement of children of hardcore, nope surprise if their ideology many equality with ideology exist in culture of hardcore, like straight edge. Life style which is one this back from drugs, alcohol, flesh and many is other.

So don’t hesitate to be a metalcore maniacs! Let’s bang, mosh, shout, and screaaammmmmm!!!