Friday, March 13, 2009

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)

Tony Iommi was borned by the name of Frank Anthony " Tonny" Iommi on 19 Februari 1948 in Aston, Brimingham, English. Tomy Iommi interest to play guitar since adolescent after listening Hank Marvin and The Shadow.

Moment step on age 18 year, Tony experience accident at the time of working on iron factory. As a result middle fingertip and sweet from his hand him used for broken fretting. As a is left handed, Tony use its hand of him to fret, with this tragedy, Tony have time to depression and assume its career as a musician have ended.

After that accident, I have to develop the way of newly to play at or come to a full stop. Firstly, he creates a kind of thimble to lengthen its broken fingertip, then he change with flimsy string difficult cause for play guitar with thicker string. Then he/she start to tune up lowery is three of semi-tone to making easier him. Effect of change [at] its, yielded sound become very quickly, that thing is density increase and hardness. Moment he play ' Black Sabbath' and ' Wicked World' a club for the first time, everybody surprised to see its, he use dissonant amplifier of Heath Robertson Range master (pedal of distortion in era first), so that create Black Sabbath sound which grasp and is fearful.

After the time/date of that Tony Iommi play together band group of blues / rock like The Rocklin’s Chevrolets between years 1964-1965. Year 1966-1967, he leave it’s as labor and decides to play at for The of Rest in Germany with its schoolmate that is Bill Ward as drummer. Both of them finally joint forces with band of Mythology in year 1968, but after that band disband, they form so called band of Polka Tulk Blues Band representing alliance between band of Mythology and of Rare Breed (Ozzy as and vocal of Butler as guitar rhythm). This band have personnel like John " Ozzy" Osbourne as vocalist, Tony Iommi as guitar lead, Bill Ward as drummer, Terry ' Geezer' Butler as bass, Jimmy Phillips as guitar player of slid, and Alan ' Aker' Clarke as saxophonist. But after twice shows, Phillips and Clarke abstract from Earth. In December 1968, Iommi have time to joint forces with Jethro Tull and yield single “A Song for Jeffery"

In year 1969, Earth have change name to become Black Sabbath after film inspiration of horror Black Sabbath masterpiece of Boris Karloff in year 1930-an. At that time Black Sabbath is exercising in a studio which does not far from a theater which always turns around film of horror. Sudden Tony visit Ozzy and direct enquire, “Why many people pay just for seeing film of horror and in intimidating? Why we do not make that fearful music. " After the time of music of Black Sabbath have dark lyric, mystical, horror, craziness, death, and full of story about war, terrorizing, and enchanter as in song of War Pigs, Paranoia, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, or Children of the Grave.

Music of Black Sabbath which is Geol, Lurid, quickly, and dark song lyrics have come to music’s inspiration of heavy metal after like trash, grunge, gothic, industrial, death, or doom. Do not be argued that there will be no music stream of heavy metal which is exists without Tomi Iommi. They start its album debut with title of Black Sabbath (1969) and direct perch in Top 10 in English and reach Top 25 in American song doorstep. With songs of hit like “Wizard" and “N.I.B", making they is alleged by many people and media as band devotee of devil and anti Christ. accusation of Anti-Christ this of indication at Black Sabbath symbol using inversed crucifix. Moment record song " Wicked World", painted to Fender Strat Tony turn white broken, so that he use Gibson SG after the time/date of that

Iommi is a pioneer in using extreme volume also born from urgent requirement. “We start to harden voice because we deal with all audience which is converse our moment play at. “Iommi Jokes". "I remember moment think, f*** with anything, they can not chat with sound like this."

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