Tuesday, March 24, 2009


These Band stories begin an artistic stage which in performing High School Lake Brantley, Orlando, The Strait of Florida Year 2000. annual festival which always title in order to appreciation a] ability of this student become meeting media a child 13 so called year of Matthew Kiichi Heafy, with Brad Lewter, vocalist a metal band which later recognized by the name Trivium.

Initially Brad is not at all interest with appearance of Matt which still clan of Japan. Enunciated, Matt is still moppet. But altogether change in moment of Matt play No Leaf Clover property of Metallica with its guitar. Like strong magnet, guitar action of Matt can find favor in eyes Brad to come near podium.

And, moment of Matt play Self Esteem property of The Offsprings Brad progressively taking a fancy to it, he are nuts about direct, and intend to bring Matt to its band station for audition. Hereinafter can be guessed, Brad do approach Matt till he agree to follow audition at home Travis Smith, the Drummer

Moment Audition, they bring song of For Whom The Bell Tolls property of Metallica. Don’t know why, altogether felt to differ, and after the time of that, Matt enlist as member of Trivium

Initially, this band consist of four people, besides Brad, Matt, Travis, and Jarred Bonaparte of[is the bassist, latter of Brad decide to retreat, losing of vocalist, make this creative band progressively, Matt which its voice like James Hetfield, Metallica vocalist, go forward as front. And Trivium even also goes forward with format three people

In road, Jarred exit and replacing by Brent Young. This Formation has time to try many gigs in environment around Orlando. Slow but surely, Trivium transform to become band champion of local in town.

In year 2003, Trivium enter studio to produce demonstration album which comprising seven songs. Demo that EP self titled in the reality greeted by goodness, besides by fans, there is a label coming near them to produce its album. Finally Lifeforce Records is name of label, success become label shading maiden album Trivium, Ember To Inferno. An album becoming opener wake to this band to in recognizing in broader scale

After maiden album exit, name of Trivium expand quickly, their solid schedule, because more and more media cover them. “In moment like this, I think to recruit one guitarist again. It’s our music much more full, and our steadier appearance moment in podium" Say Matt. Finally they perform audition to look for a guitarist, hence is chosen Corey Beaulieu. Do not how long Corey get new friend, its name Paulo Gregoletto, bassist which enter to replace medial Brent tour, after the time of that, formation of Trivium have is complete

Ember To Inferno is door successfulness of Trivium, because this album, they get bargain to joint forces with Road Runner Records, metal label board of world. With Road runner, Trivium release three album: direct Ascendacy enter in list of Billboard 200 and US Top Heatseekers ( 2005), The Crusade penetrating rank 25 Billboard 2000 and sit in rank 7 English radio chart ( 2006), and recent [of] Shogun, which mounting [in] ranking 23 Billboard 2000, and sit in rank 4 Australian ARIA Album of Charts ( 2008).