Sunday, March 22, 2009

As I Lay Dying

This band is starting intentionally from Tim Lambesis. Is not old abstract from band of the duration Society’s First, Tim intend to make a band having is same mission and vision. Lucky, him come in contact with Jordan Mancino, nuts about young drummer also with metal music, Then Team show all its songs of him for the purpose of forming band with Jordan

That Intention even also greeted by Jordan goodness. Agape with items posed at by Tim, invitation to form a direct band in agreeing of. And precisely February 2002, opening formed by As I Lay Dying go forward with genre metalcore. As complement, both of this direct people rake in other personnel Evan White (guitar) and Noah Chase (bassist) as additional player.

Pluto Records, a label of specialist hardcore, punk, and metal seemingly interest with items which in owning Tim and friends. And in June 2001, they launch release album of AILD Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes, under this label.

After making album of split with band of metalcore American Tragedy, AILD the lyric by big label, Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade Records marvel with quality and spirit, and also items which they have. With this label AILD launch album full both of them of Frail Words Collapse, at month July 2003.

Ready made Album, but there is one unfinished problem. AILD not yet owned band formation which assuming solid. Till time the month October 2003, this band arrival of Phil Soroso which enter to become Evan White partner in guitar position

But these formations do not go along way, sudden Evan retires from band in end year 2003. Its position then replaced by Nick Hipa, ex- personnel of Evelynn, what have shared podium with AILD.

With guitarist clan of this Hawaii, AILD launch third album [of] Shadows Are Security. This Album makes the name of AILD progressively recognizing world public. This band seems not yet satisfied without existence of player of bass, till in year 2007 entering Josh Gilbert player of young bass have a gift for which finally equip blankness of position. With this bases, AILD again release fourth album of them An Ocean Between

Blessing Album of An Ocean Between, act AILD in metal scene progressively world. Proven them get appreciation of Grammy Awards for the category of Metal Best Performances, and at the same time prove that their podium action is best of so much many existing metal band in this time.