Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lamb Of God

In the early year 1990, a so called drummer Chris Adler, Mark Morton guitarist, and John Campbell bassist at that moment still enlist in campus of Virginia Commonwealth University have initiative form a band.

Three student of Richmond, Virginia, United States Agreement form band have. Capital to spirit, they try for jam session. To playing music’s which they hear at that moment

Family house of Adler made as base camp. Band member have passing time in Chris and Willie Adler basement. Simply squatting to drink beer and or finish long night weekend at the same time exercise. It is of course with patch up band appliances.

At that moment is at all not yet been passing by quickly for dream to become big band. Just info, this band have called band garage. Because target Mark Morton and friends only liking - like to channel hobby. Including when band which initially claiming as instrumental band have started to play at in small clubs around Virginia.

Mark Morton leave band after him finish study. Feel new guitarist need Chris and of John look for substitution of Mark of Morton. Have time to use service a so called guitarist Matt Conner, finally choice fall to Abe Spear, a guitarist joining year 1995.

Vocalist Randy Blythe follows to join. This makes music orientation of Burn The Priest change, not again instrumental band. In same year these bands make demo release title self for the first time.

Story of Burn The Priest continue, this band of album record have time to split with Agents of Satan and Zed. Catching up maiden album full release, title self with Legion Records [in] year 1997. Same year, Mark Morton decides to return to band. More or less walk 2 year with two guitarists, Abe Spear set mind on exit.

Empty position in guitar content Chris brother, He is Willie Adler in year 1998. One year later success Burn The Priest get contract with label of Prosthetic Records. Do not how long this band have change name, do not be noted clearly the reason of the core important

But some fans trust this because problem several times Mark and friends, in banned because problem of band name. Become Mark and friends, setting mind on to make new name, name of Lamb Of God become choice

This band go forward with formation of Randy Blythe (vocal), Mark Morton (guitar), Willie Adler (guitar), Chris Adler ( drum), and John Campbell ( bass

Yes, is same Burn The Priest formation owner and have time to make one record album its true. More famous by the name of Lamb Of God, because previously Burn The Priest is Lamb Of God